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Difference Between The Paleo Diet And Other Low-Carb Diets

Many would refer to the Paleo diet as a low carb diet with a fancy name. However, while it does look similar to many of the low carb diets around, it is far from those. However, such a view is quite understandable as the two forms of diet do seem to overlap in certain respects.

How the food is prepared

As mentioned before, people on the Paleo diet have their menus based on the pre-agricultural age. They don’t eat grains, legumes, dairy and processed foods. This is why it is mistakenly considered to be a low-carb diet, because it is naturally low in carbohydrates. They eat mostly meat, nuts, seeds and fruits and vegetables. They avoid interfering with food in its natural state and do not expose it to extreme cooking methods, so as to consume it in a state that is closest to its natural state. On the other hand, low carb diets do not place any restrictions on food preparation. This makes any form of cooking okay as long as one’s diet exempts carbohydrates while Paleo dieters strive to eat food fresh.

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The source of fats

Fat restrictions also differ when it comes to the two diets. The low carb diets do not have a restriction on the kinds of fats that one is allowed to eat. Given the fact that there are good fats, also known as monounsaturated fats, and bad fats, also known as saturated fats, there should be an emphasis on eating good fats. Paleo diets expose the body to good fats because there is little or no cooking involved and any fats are accessed from healthy sources such as nuts, lean meat, seeds and fish.

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Elimination of fruits and vegetables

Many low carb diets eliminate fruits from the diet and restrict vegetables because of the starch content. On the other hand, the Paleo diet encourages people to eat a lot of natural products such as fruits and vegetables in addition to eating healthy fats and protein. The whole diet provides the body with a lot of clean energy from healthy food sources and encourages the development of a lean physique and healthy constitution.

Source of meat

While the Paleo diet insists that one’s meat is sourced from animals raised organically or in the wild, many low-carb diets do not have any special instructions concerning where your meat comes from. The important thing is to eat lots of protein and fat.

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Dairy or no diary

Dairy is not part of the of the Paleo diet. People argue that a lack of dairy in this diet may end up causing low bone density because it is thought to be high in calcium. The truth is that calcium can also be accessed from other dietary sources. On the other hand, people on low carb diets cannot claim to have access to certain minerals as calcium retention is also quite important. Potassium is accessible from fruits and vegetables and the fact that many fruits and vegetables are kept out of the low carb diets means that there is a danger of too little calcium retention in the bodies of low carb dieters.

When all is said and done, low carb diets do not provide the same health benefits as those afforded by the Paleo diet. The guidelines are not the same, as well.

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