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How To Make A Paleo Meal Plan

Good preparation is the key to the success of any project. The same goes for the Paleo diet. To succeed at it, you must plan ahead; otherwise you run the danger of failing. If you have been on a diet before, you will notice that while it is easy to reach out for any type of food when eating normally, while on a diet, you have to eat certain foods only. By planning ahead, you ensure that you have a continuous supply of Paleo diet friendly foods for any time of the day that you need to eat. This boosts your chances of sticking to the diet.

Things to take into consideration when making a Paleo meal plan:

Make a meal table

In previous sections, we have outlines of the foods that you need to avoid when on this diet and highlighted those that you must eat to benefit from it. If you find it hard to keep the foods straight, just make sure that your meal plan has fruits, vegetables, meat, nuts, fruits and berries. Keep dairy, grains and legumes out or have them in small quantities. Drink a lot of water and herbal drinks and keep away from alcohol, soft drinks and nicotine.

Based on these guidelines, you must be able to write a good food table that will consist of all the meals you plan to eat in a week. If you want to incorporate cheat days into your meal plan as a way of starting slowly, then write a table for five days of the week and leave the weekends open so that you can enjoy the meals of your choice during these days. Confirm that the table has three main meals and 3 snack allocations a day. It’s easy to make a meal plan if you take a protein first, then have a healthy side of vegetables and then make berries, nuts and fruits items that you can snack on between meals.

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Organize the pantry and refrigerator

Clear out your pantry, refrigerator and home any foods that do not fall within the guidelines of the Paleo diet. Sit down and write a comprehensive list consisting of all the foods allowed in the diet that you will use as part of the diet. This list will be your shopping list. You must go out and buy the foods on it and restock fresh foods. It is advisable that you buy organic products as much as possible as you can be assured of no chemicals and toxins in your foods. The meat will come from animals that have been organically taken care of such as grass fed cows and free range chickens which are full of flavor and nutrients.

You need to prepare foods in advance

People on a diet, especially during the first few days, always have a lot of cravings and you need to have the right food ready to deal with such times. This means that you must pre-cook anything that you can such as roasting chicken or beef so that all you have to do is to make a salad to eat together with the meat whenever you are hungry or during meal times. Pre-pack snacks such as cut up fruits and nuts and keep them in packs that you can easily eat from whenever you are hungry.

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Alert your family and friends of the change in your eating habits and enlist their support

You may work hard at creating a food table, stock your fridge and be committed to your diet, but if friends and family have fries, cakes or pizzas around you, then you are bound to fall victim to temptation. You need to make sure that the people around you are supportive of your diet and that they will not be pulling you back with their actions or words.

You have to have a day at the end of the week when you replenish your Paleo foods and redo your meal plan. You must also pack and prepare any necessary foods to ensure that you are always organized as this will increase your chances of succeeding at the diet. These are the steps you need to follow to make a successful Paleo meal plan.

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