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What Makes The Paleo Diet So Popular?

The Paleo diet is also referred to as the Paleolithic diet or caveman’s diet. As the latter suggests, it follows a nutritional plan whereby the dieter is expected to eat as the cavemen ate back in the days. Cavemen were mainly hunters and gatherers and their meals were based on meat, fish, nuts, fruits, vegetables, roots and seeds.

Why is the Paleo diet popular?

This diet has been embraced by many people because it is quite effective. It entails that the dieter enlists to a simple food plan which, when combined with an active lifestyle, helps one to experience desired weight loss and maintain an ideal weight.

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The foods allowed in this diet work well with the human body and can assist an individual to have a lean, strong and energetic physique. Case in point- cavemen were athletic, muscular and agile while our present day modern man is overweight and out of shape. This shift is blamed on the food we eat and our sedentary lifestyle. The cavemen, as they hunted and searched for edible roots, seeds and vegetables had to traverse from point to point, meaning they led active lives. Hence, since the other pillar of the Paleo diet is living an active lifestyle, it promotes the overall health of an individual in addition to helping an individual to lose weight. Other advantages of the diet include the following:

  1. It keeps the body’s blood sugar levels balanced in the blood at all times, something that reduces cravings for the wrong kinds of food, helping an individual to maintain a healthy diet.
  2. It helps the body to burn off stored fat efficiently and allows the dieter to engage in efficient workouts as well as remain active in their day to day lives.
  3. There is a reduced chance of allergies, as many of the foods capable of causing allergic reactions in the body are excluded from the diet.
  4. Under the Paleo diet, one enjoys a good sleep pattern which enables the body to rest as required.
  5. The foods in the Paleo diet are anti-inflammatory and this reduces the risk of experiencing problems related to inflammation such as joint
    pain and eczema, among others.
  6. The Paleo diet improves one’s appearance, helping him/her to have clear skin, healthy teeth, strong nails and hair.
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How does the Paleo diet work?

Generally, this diet removes foods that are associated with weight gain, lack of energy and disease. These foods are dairy, cereals (such as wheat), sugar and processed foods among other harmful foods, such as fast foods, which are now the pillar of many people’s diets. Instead, they shift one’s focus to eating foods with lots of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and proteins.

There are many diets out there. For this reason people are wary of participating in any as there is a common misconception that diets don’t work. It is good to note that such diets don’t work because they are based on depriving the body of a balanced diet or eating too little food to support the body’s functions.

The Paleo diet is different because it allows the dieter to eat as much food as the body needs while ensuring that the food eaten is that which works well with the body, providing it with the necessary nutrition while preventing problems such as weight gain, lack of energy and disease. For this reason, many people subscribe to it and enjoy healthy lifestyles. This book provides valuable pointers on the Paleo diet and how to do it.

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