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The Ultimate Paleo Diet Food List

Here is a list of food that is great for the Paleo Diet:

Vegetables – although we farm vegetables now, unlike grains, they are not high in carbohydrates. Vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, and even protein that will more than meet your dietary needs.

Fruits – if you are craving sugary food, grab an apple or a banana. It will definitely satisfy your craving, plus it’s healthy for your skin.

Seeds and Nuts – when you’re bored and feel like opening a bag of chips, don’t. Munch on some seeds or nuts instead. There are many kinds of seeds you can eat, such as sunflower seeds and squash seeds. You’ll probably burn more calories cracking the seeds than eating them.

Spices and Herbs – you don’t have to suffer when you’re on a diet. You can still eat very palatable food by adding herbs and spices. If you can grow herbs at home, that’s even better, as you don’t have to use the dried-up ones from the grocery. As much as possible, use only fresh ingredients!

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Eggs – eggs are great as long as you don’t fry them. Or you can fry them using a non-stick pan so you don’t need oil. The best way to eat eggs is boiled. Some people eat them raw. It all depends on you.

Fish – if you’re not a big fan of meat, fish is the way to go. The great thing about fish is that there are so many kinds and each type of fish tastes different from the next. Also, there are many ways to cook fish. You can make it into a soup or steam it … get creative in cooking it. Some fish can even be eaten raw. Just make sure to clean it thoroughly.

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Meat – meat is the caveman’s staple diet, along with fruits and vegetables. But remember, cavemen had to hunt for days before they could have a feast. Just because you can eat meat doesn’t mean you should have a roasted t-bone every day. Make sure the meat you eat for every meal is the size of your palm and avoid fat by sticking to lean meat.

Healthy Oils and Fats – you can get these from the nuts and meat you will be eating when you are on the Paleo Diet. As long as you don’t add vegetable oil to your meat by frying it, you don’t have to worry. Just steam or barbecue the meat as is with some herbs and spices and you’re good to go.

Here are some foods you should avoid to make sure the Paleo Diet will be effective in terms of your weight loss:

Grains – remember, the Paleo Diet dates back to the Paleolithic era, when agriculture was not yet discovered. So, say goodbye to bread, pasta, and rice for now.

Dairy Products – agriculture and animal husbandry emerged around the same time; cavemen didn’t have the luxury of herding cows or goats and getting milk from them. You will have to say no to triple-cheese pizza nights. Host barbecues instead.

Alcohol – you don’t have to stay away from your drinking buddies just so you can stop yourself from having a drink. Stick to water or vegetable juice and volunteer to be the driver when everyone is already roaring drunk. You’ll still have fun, especially since you’re the only sober one.

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Soft Drinks – even without the Paleo Diet, soft drinks are something to definitely avoid. They have no nutritional value and you get only sugar – lots of it. It’s bad for your teeth as well.

Sugar – you can indulge in dark chocolates every now and then, but remember, cavemen didn’t have sugar cane plantations and refineries, so they had no sugar intake. Always imagine yourself as a caveman; it’s easier to know which food you should avoid.

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Processed Food – anything canned, packed, or not fresh can be processed food. Stay away from processed meat, which can be filled with preservatives, artificial coloring, and other additives.

Bread, Pasta, Rice – these three are full of carbs that will leave you feeling full for only a short period of time. They are also products of agriculture, so they are a no-no.

Vegetable Oils – cavemen didn’t fry their meat or fish; they most likely roasted it over a bonfire. Just to be safe, do the same; don’t add unnecessary fats by frying meat. Steaming is also a great way to cook food without the nasty fat.

Trans Fat – you don’t really need the bag of chips you’ve been eyeing in the grocery aisle. Just say no and the mind will follow.

Margarine and Butter – it’s true that these two make food taste way better, but along with that comes fat. As they say, all that butter goes to your thighs.

These are just some of the foods you can have and the foods you should avoid if you start on the Paleo Diet. For a more detailed picture of the do’s and don’ts during the Paleo Diet, talk to your nutritionist or doctor to make sure you are doing it correctly and meeting all the nutritional needs of your body.

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